Cell to cell synergy…

Every plant, every fruit, every seed has its own consciousness and when you engage with it in its pure form, you interact with that consciousness even as you absorb its nutrients.

Liquid~Moon Skincare brings you pure, unrefined oils and butters from the world over: Africa, the Amazon Rainforest, India, the Pacific Basin, Japan, Europe, the Americas. Every oil, every butter, every plant, seed, fruit and kernel has its own story, its own energy.

Liquid~Moon Skincare connects you to the earth and to the people who heave, harvest and hull. We bring you the riches of the natural world blended to produce effects even greater than the sum of their parts.

Liquid~Moon Skincare is nature embraced, nature elevated and nature ritualized.

So indulge your senses and your sense of adventure. Wash your face, put on your moisturizer and allow that cell to cell synergy to feed your skin, feed your soul, feed the planet, and feed your imagination!