Just as I was searching for a different face lotion I came across Liquid~Moon and I haven’t looked back. I wanted a product with clean, plant based ingredients and one that kept my face moisturized all day. I basically wanted “butter” and that’s exactly what I found in the facial butters. I have also tried the hair serum and love the way it leaves my hair feeling  nourished and silky. I’m very happy to have found what I was looking for in Liquid Moon!
— Demry Frankenheimer, Niwot, CO
I love the creamy texture of Rainforest~Kiss and how it smells. I keep one in each bathroom.
— Liz Gould, Niwot, CO
When I use Liquid~Moon Skincare products, I can see and feel the vibrancy and suppleness return to my skin.
— Eric Meleney, L.Ac, Longmont, CO
I have been using Shea Toi Facial Butter and I am very pleased with the results on my skin.
— Carmen Nelson, Boulder, CO
I enjoy the smell, the feel and the results!
— Ana Claire, Boulder, CO
I love both the Rose~Geranium Toner and the Green~Gold Face Serum. The Toner is just great! Refreshing and revitalizing - I use it daily after washing my face and often in conjunction with the serum. As I am older now, my skin tends to be dry or in need of moisture in some places yet on the oily side otherwise. I use the serum at night and it never makes my skin oily or cause breakouts. My skin just absorbs it without any greasy residue. These products contain only the highest qualify ingredients and are made with a lot of love and knowledge. Try them, I know you won’t be disappointed!
— Jenny Jozwiak, Brooklyn, NY